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The Spirit of Spirits!

Bob BarnesBy Adam Carmer
Adam Carmer is the founder of The Freakin' Frog & The Whisky Attic, creator of the Carmer Spirits Tasting Enhancement Method (CSTEM) and Spirits Editor of The Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional.

Taken it to the MAX @ Delmonico Steakhouse

Greatness in any field comes from the fruit of hard work, perseverance and opportunity. It is a pleasure and honor whenever I meet a person who strives for greatness or has achieved it. MAX Solano is achieving greatness as the Beverage Manager and Mixologist overseeing both Delmonico Steakhouse at The Venetian and Table 10 at Palazzo.

One of MAX's most endearing qualities is his humility. MAX would be the first to say he is working hard and has much to learn, but the truth is that is more of his humble gentlemanly nature than reality. Hard work, rigor and faith are necessary components of any groundbreaking program. What MAX is doing and has done over the last few years is nothing short of astonishing.

Mixology has its supporters and detractors due to people judging something highly evolved from an uneducated position. Mixology, like any other profession, has the whole range of skill level and attitude amongst its brethren. There are some extraordinary mixologists in Las Vegas, more than any other city in the world! MAX is one of the best we have here in Las Vegas. This skill level along with his visionary beverage management ideas creates a unique outcome.

MAX works the front lines where he creates some of the tastiest, innovative, balanced and aesthetically pleasing cocktails I have ever enjoyed. In addition to leading by example MAX enjoys cultivating and procuring an amazing array of whiskies from around the world. The bar at Delmonico Steakhouse was always a good time, but with the extensive list MAX has slowly and carefully put together he has literally taken it up a notch!

MAX developed the secret list and menu of these whiskies that specializes in Scotch and American products. MAX has used the various terms of art unique to each country as headings with descriptions in this secret menu [book really]. As with any work of this magnitude, it is not for anyone, but for everyone with the desire to taste and experience greatness. MAX gives credit to those who came before him and is constantly looking to add more to a list already bustling with over 450 selections.
It is with pride that I urge you to sample a whisky from the secret menu [make sure to ask for it] or one of his cocktail creations at Delmonico Steakhouse.

You are in Las Vegas and should take advantage of the great things and people we have to offer.

My advice is to go to Delmonico Steakhouse and take it to the MAX!

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